To be able to share my knowledge and skills and to work with a team that will challenge and expand my knowledge in the any field that I am going to face. For my personal and career growth as well as for the growth of the Company. 


           I am Mary Joie R. Sevilla , I am still a student, taking up Bachelor of Arts in English Major in Applied Linguistics. I also took up Bachelor of Information of Technology (undergraduate) at  Cebu Technological University. My husband introduced me to work online. He taught me the techniques and trained me to become good at this field. 

            My first job was at I4U News. They offer the latest and updated news about technology and celebrities. I am the Social Editor and I manage the accounts on socialbookmarking and social media to get more traffic. I also work at Weapon Universe. It is an online store of weapons. I am the Forum Poster Maintenance. I am the one who do final checking of the works of my team on forum posting. I also work as a Social Media Manager in Socialadr, I am the one who manage/create the accounts and check if all the accounts are in good condition. I also have experience in Web Research , Lead Generation and as a Virtual assistant. 

             I am a dedicate and fast learner person, I also have a good English communication skills; verbal and written. I am willing to work under pressure. I love to explore new things and learn from it. And meet new people that will help me build my personal and career growth and in return I also do my best to meet their expectations. If my credentials is a good fit for your team and company please contact me on skype: maryjoie.sevilla.

Gorilla Ultra Pump

GorillaUltra Pump - boosts your strong and big muscles!

Growing muscles is the primary concern of men. Some of them are already married and pay attention to their kids. Some are busy with their work. You are tied with both reasons but this is the right time to make a time for muscle growth. It is not too late for you since you are determined and has the right discipline to push with the said activity that involves you and yourself. It is a good decision to start building your muscles as this means healthy and stronger you. Your muscles must be the lean muscles to achieve the right muscles. Gorilla Ultra Pump is just waiting here for you to take it and you are on your way to stronger muscles! Try it now!

The shapely and healthy body with Gorilla Ultra Pump

Gorilla Ultra Pump is the perfect muscle supplement for you if you opt to have your workouts for 8 to 16 weeks. You have to pay attention to your training with discipline in order to achieve the muscles you wanted. This is very safe as you have the option to take 2 to 6 pills a day to get the better results. You are allowed to do so but only for a short time. This is a supplement filled with testosterone to provide you. The boost in testosterone means more energy and no tiredness from training. It is the best way for you to have more oxygen, blood and the right nutrients to the muscle tissues. It is the best to represent the increased No 2 for higher oxide levels and blood flow. No 2 levels as well as your blood are both special factors for you to have strong and lean muscles. No time for recovery with Gorilla Ultra Pump!

Gorilla Ultra Pump and its ingredients for you

The ingredients are the major players together with benefits for any product. Gorilla Ultra Pump Pills is sure to give you the high-quality and safe ingredients. They all have passed the test in the clinical laboratory. It secures your safety and the effectiveness of the product. The following are its ingredients:

l  L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate - this is a compound that is sure to increase the intensity of your performances in order to train harder. It helps in growing your muscles faster
l  L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate - it is helpful in increasing the levels of your Nitric Oxide for better absorption of nutrients and better production of blood
l  L-Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutarate - is an ingredient for faster and greater muscle growth. It has the power to burn your fats for more weight-loss

Benefits you enjoy with Gorilla Ultra Pump

Below are the best benefits you enjoy with the regular intake of Gorilla Ultra Pump:

l  High-quality and safe ingredients - you are safe with the best ingredients of this Gorilla Ultra Pump Supplement
l  More time for workouts - no tiredness with rigid training
l  Clear bloodstreams - blood and nutrients go to your muscle tissues straight

Guestpost by:  Chaoticsmooth

Offer Your Skin an Amazing Gift with Radiant Revive Cream

Moisture is the key factor for every part of your skin. The most beauty boosting cream is here to take moisture into a whole new level. If you are a demanding woman that wants to have the most luxurious cream, then Radiant Revive is the ultimate cream for you.

Especially your face is the most sensitive area in your body that requires a lot of moisturizing. Since 75% of the human body consists of water, it is not hard to see why your skin needs constant moisture to retain its flexibility and beauty.

Improper moisturizing will lead to age spots, lines, and wrinkles. No woman in the world wants to stare her face in the mirror the day she finds out that her daily creams were poor and insufficient. Radiant Revive Cream is here to make this day, just an awful nightmare. It’s amazing properties will offer your skin the wetness it needs in order to stay glowing and healthy.

Benefits of Radiant Revive Cream

This cream does not just promise you spotless results. Millions of women around the world guarantees the amazing results you will witness once you start applying Radiant Revive Cream. Most women have to face dark circles around the eye area, which can be quite frustrating. Radiant Revive Creamwill eliminate this look, as well as the appearance of wrinkles.

This cream’s goal is to keep your skin moisturized at all times, whether you are at the office, or enjoying a beautiful day outside. Your skin will look younger than ever, while the Radiant Revive Cream will be dealing with some skin conditions you have been suffering from for quite some time.

Say No to Injections

As the years pass by, many women consider undergoing plastic surgery, or at least collagen injections. These methods remain a little risky, while they will cost you a large amount of money for every session. Say goodbye to failed cosmetic surgeries and expensive injections with Radiant Revive Cream.

Instead of risking uncertain results, you can just purchase this inexpensive Radiant Revive Cream. The results are already proven, and you don’t have to experience a rather painful procedure in order to stay beautiful and young. This cream will completely change the way you feel about daily skincare.

Follow the Celebrities Way

Many celebrities in the past have chosen to perform some cosmetic surgeries, in order to remain glamorous and beautiful. However, most celebrities choose other, more natural ways to retain their flawless skin. Radiant Revive Cream is one of the best creams celebrities choose on a daily basis, in order to walk the red carpet with confidence.

Now, luxury treatment is finally approachable to all women. You don’t have to save money for an operation or deprive the right to treat your skin with luxury methods. Radiant Revive Cream is standing beside every woman, no matter your financial background. This is a cream worth having into your drawer. Purchase it today and see its amazing results in just one month!

guest post from Chaoticsmooth 

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