Solution For The Auto Play Videos on Facebook

This blog will show you on how to solve the auto play video's on your Facebook Timeline.  These settings only apply when you use the Facebook website.  By the way the auto play videos will only work if you are connected on Wi-Fi and it will not work if you are connected on mobile data connection.

Here's the simple solutions for it:

Go to "Settings"

Then choose the "Videos"
Finally from the video settings choose "Off" from the "Auto Play Videos"

Again, This only work if you are connected on Wi-Fi and it will not work if you are connected on mobile data connection. By the way talking about Wi-Fi, I have also another blog about on "Changing Your PLDT Wifi Password" or "How To Block Who's Connected on Your Wifi".

Thanks for visiting, Hope it helps

How To Solve Mozilla Firefox Problems or Repair To Default Settings

Are you having a problem on the auto pop-up or auto open sites when opening your mozilla firefox browser? Then this blog is the solutions to fix it in fast and easy way, just follow the steps below about mozilla firefox repair:

1st:   Open the Firefox Browser and click "Help" on the menu bar above.
(see image below)

2nd:  Then click the "Troubleshooting Information"

3rd:  Lastly click now the "Refresh Firefox" to start fresh and fix problems and restore performance.
but it will remove your add-ons and customizations and restore your browser settings to their defaults.

Then that's it

Guide To Change Your PLDT Wifi Password

Someone connected on your wifi without your permission?  No problem anymore, I create this simple guide on how to change the name of your wifi or password on PLDT so that you can have your own privacy on using your internet.

Hold the "Start Up" then press letter the "R" then command prompt will pop up.

Next, from the command prompt, type "ipconfig"

Then, Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection will be shown on the screen of command prompt.

From the Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection, copy the "Default Gateway" and type that into the google chrome browser like the image below.

You will need to log in now.
user: admin
password: 1234

Then, under the Network click the "Wireless LAN"

That's it, You can change now your wifi name or wifi password.

Hope it helps :)
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